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Year One


Full attendance and active participation in:

  • Retreat

  • All Leadership Education Days (PDF)

  • Wrap-Up

  • Graduation


Year Two


Active participation planning and running selected activities:

  • Retreat

  • Leadership Education Days

  • Committees


Each year we receive a significant number of applications from qualified individuals who are willing to make this commitment. Your participation and attendance are critical elements and contribute to the cohesiveness of the class and the overall success of the program. There will be strict adherence to the Attendance Policy.




The program begins with a three-day overnight retreat in September, held at a site outside of Flagstaff. The retreat is an opportunity for the class members to get to know one another and become familiar with the program. It is a weekend full of fun, food and activity. The retreat is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. on Friday and continue through noon on Sunday.


Full attendance is required, including the overnight stay on Friday and Saturday nights.


If you are unable to attend the full retreat due to a personal illness or a significant family emergency, you may petition the FLP Board of Directors for an automatic placement in the following year’s class. If you do not attend all or part of the retreat for other reasons, you will be removed from the current class. If you withdraw after the start of the retreat, there shall be no refund of tuition.

Leadership Education Days and Graduation


The first year commitment provides intensive hands-on study and in-depth discussion of local issues. In order to keep pace with the dynamic nature of our communities, the program evolves from year to year.  Leadership Education Days (LEDs) are the core elements of the program and your attendance is required.


Leadership Education Days are held on Thursdays. You are committed to roughly a nine-hour block of time scheduled between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on each of these days. Attendance at each full day is mandatory to successfully graduate from the program. Class members may miss one LED for a personal reason and miss one LED for a sick/emergency absence. In the case of a significant event (e.g. major illness, death in the immediate family) a class member may petition the board for an exemption of one additional absence. Verification of the event will be required, and the board will make very limited exceptions in such cases. The board will evaluate each such request on a case-by-case basis. Verbal notification of an absence must be received by the Class Liaison before the day missed and a written notification must follow. If you miss more than one LED and you have not provided notification as described above or if the absence is due to reasons other than stated above, you may be dropped from the class. There are no refunds of tuition after the start of the program. The FLP Class Liaison is the official attendance record keeper.

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices


The retreat and LED sessions are a fantastic way for you to treat yourself to enriching conversations with your classmates and local community leaders. The important topics covered throughout the retreat and each LED requires your undivided attention. As a courtesy to all class members and to our presenters, it is our expectation that you “unplug” for the day. Please do not use cell phones, smart phones and/or pagers for texting or phone calls during the retreat and LED sessions. Furthermore, you may not use electronic devices to take class notes. You will have brief breaks throughout the day to allow you to check messages, however, this will take away from discussion and networking time with your classmates.


We will provide all class members with a contact telephone number for each LED for you to share with individuals who may need to reach you during an emergency while you are in session. Some of you may also use social media to communicate with your friends about what is happening in your life. The board has developed a policy to address these issues and there will be a further discussion with you at the retreat.

Each applicant will be asked to sign this form during their interview. Please make sure you have read and agree with this agreement prior to your interview.

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