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Each class of approximately 25 participants is selected from a pool of applicants to represent a cross-section of the business, private/for profit, public and non-profit sectors.


FLP looks for applicants who offer various combinations of this profile:


  • Have a strong interest in learning about the issues facing the community

  • Have leadership experience through employment or in volunteer roles

  • Have a strong interest and commitment to remain in the area for several years

  • Willingness to commit the time required to fully engage in FLP

  • Have employer endorsement


Each application is carefully and thoroughly reviewed.


In-person interviews, which last 15-30 minutes, are held during the second half of April. Each applicant signs a Participation Agreement. Interview teams are chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and include a Flagstaff Leadership Program alum and a community member.



Applicants are evaluated on their community service, experience and their potential for community involvement. Other factors such as diversity, special awards and honors are also taken into consideration during the selection process.


To maintain our goal of being an organization that represents the greater Flagstaff area; professional experience, community involvement, job sector designation, ethnicity, gender, age and other aspects of diversity are all criteria that guide the selection process. Due to this commitment to diversity and the number of applications received, qualified individuals are not always accepted on their first attempt.


During this process, the selection committee takes into account the number of times a person has applied in the past. Applicants not chosen to join the current class are strongly encouraged to apply the following year.



All applicants will be contacted in May to inform them of the selection results.

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