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Tuition for each participant in the 2024-25 Flagstaff Leadership Program class is $675.

This one time tuition payment represents the total financial obligation of the participant during the program year. Many employers pay for some or all of the tuition.  However, it remains the responsibility of the selected class member to ensure that payment of tuition is made in full.




You will receive an invoice after acceptance into the program. For those unable to pay the amount in full, a three-month payment plan will be available.

Due Date


Tuition is due no later than July 1.




  • Check

    • Make payable to “Flagstaff Leadership Program” or “FLP”  and write the class member’s name in the memo section. Send to P.O. Box 747 Flagstaff, AZ 86002-0747

  • Debit/Credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay​ (taxes and fees applied)​

Tuition Assistance and Scholarships


All requests for tuition assistance and scholarship are considered and assistance is determined by need. Applications for assistance are confidential, processed separately from the program application, and have no bearing on the selection committee’s decision.  We believe that every individual should maintain some level of financial investment in the program and tuition assistance is limited to 50% of the total tuition cost ($275).


Information on how to request tuition assistance will be included in your acceptance letter.



Prior to July 1, if you find it necessary to withdraw from the class, you will receive a full tuition refund.

On July 1 or after, if you choose to withdraw from the class you will receive a tuition refund, minus a $150 administrative fee. On August 1 or after, if you find it necessary to withdraw from the class, your tuition is non-refundable. Any tuition assistance or scholarship funds received will not be refunded. If you change employment in the course of the program year, tuition will not be refunded to your sponsoring organization.

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